Banjara: The Truck Driver Movie In HD Download

Banjara: The Truck Driver

Banjara The Truck Driver 1

Directed by: Mushtaq Pasha
Screenplay by: Dheeraj Rattan
Story by: Dheeraj Rattan
Starring: Babbu Maan
Rana Ranbir
Shraddha Arya
Sara Khatri
Jia Mustafa
Music by: Babbu Maan
Cinematography: Binendra Menon
Pankaj Kathuria
Edited by: Bunty Saini
Production: Ohri Productions
Rana Ahluwalia
Maan Films
Ameri-Can Systems
Motion Pictures
Distributed by: World Cinema Partners (USA & Canada)
Release date: 7 December 2018
Running time: 132 minutes
Country: India
Language: Punjabi
Genres: Drama | Romance


Banjara: The Truck Driver is an 2018 Indian-Punjabi drama movie directed by Mushtaq Pasha.Banjara: The Truck Driver stars Gurpreet Bhangu, Babbu Maan, Rana Ranbir, Jia Mustafa, Shraddha Arya in outstanding.

Banjara The Truck Driver 2

It is the first movie of Babbu Maan after Baaz which was published in 2014. Banjara: The Truck Driver is based on the life of truck drivers. Banjara: The Truck Driver will highlight times of 1947, 1984 and 2018 telling love interests of three ages in their younger days.

The film was theatrically published on 7 December 2018. The film got “mixed” to “negative” reviews from critics.


Banjara SCRE

Banjara: The Truck Driver Movie In HD Download


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