Demonia Undertaker Full Movie In Hindi Download

Demonia Undertaker

Demonia Undertaker 1

Directed by: Lucio Fulci
Produced by: Ettore Spagnuolo
Screenplay by: Lucio Fulci
Piero Regnoli
Story by: Lucio Fulci
Piero Regnoli
Anonti: Tentori
Starring: Brett Halsey
Meg Register
Lino Salemme
Christina Englehardt
Music by: Giovanni Cristiani
Cinematography: Luigi Ciccarese
Edited by: Otello Colangeli
Production: Lanterna Editrice
A.M. Trading International S.r.l.
Country: Italy


Demonia is an Italian horror movie co-written @ directed by Lucio Fulci.
At a seance in Toronto in 1990, Liza (Meg Register) has an image of the crucified nuns @ falls crying onto the floor. Several periods later. Liza @ Professor Evans (Brett Halsey), an essential archaeologist @ her former teacher, lead a survey company to Ancient Greek ruins on a place near the small village of Santa Rosalia, Sicily.

Demonia Undertaker 2

The locals, including Porter (Al Cliver) @ Turi (Lino Salemme), advise them to avoid the nice but ominous ruins of an abbey that overlooks the hole. Although Professor Evans tells her that she should shun any association with the supernatural after the seance in Toronto, Liza is influenced by the morbid stories about what had occurred in the abbey.

Overlooking Turi’s angry rebuke, Liza joins the abbey crypt. Convinced that there is a different chamber behind a bar, she uses a pick-axe to cut into the cavern holding the charred remains of the five sisters. But when Liza tells Professor Evans something she has found, he bitterly tells her to forget girl saw anything.


Demonia Undertaker scr

Demonia Undertaker Full Movie In Hindi Download


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