Do Dooni Panj Panjabi Movie HD Download

Do Dooni Panj

Do Dooni Panj 1

Stars: Amrit Maan
Release Date: 11th January 2019
Directed by: Harry Bhatti
Genre: Comedy
Language: Punjabi
Produced by: Badshah
Country: India
Genres: Drama


Do Dooni Panj is an Drama And Funny Punjabi movie 2019 that is scheduled to be released on 11th January 2019 at the Indian box office. The famous Punjabi singer Amrit Maan will be played a prominent role in this film.

Do Dooni Panj 2

Harry Bhatti directs it. A young man with a PhD can’t get a job, so he sues his school and teachers.


Do Dooni Panj SC Do Dooni Panj scree

Do Dooni Panj Panjabi Movie HD Download


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