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Motorcycle Girl

Motorcycle Girl 1

Directed by: Adnan Sarwar
Produced by: Adnan Sarwar Jami
Written by: Adnan Sarwar
Starring: Sohai Ali Abro
Samina Peerzada
Ali Kazmi
Music by: Xulfi
Cinematography: Nabeel Jawaid Qureshi
Edited by: Tahir Ali
Production: Logos Film & Media
Azad Film Company
Distributed by: Excellency Films
Release date: 20 April 2018 (Worldwide)
Country: Pakistan
Language: Urdu
Genres: Biography


Motorcycle Girl is an 2018 Pakistan biographical adventure And drama movie based on the life of motorcyclist Zenith Irfan.

Directed, written @ co-produced by Adnan Sarwar, it is the next instalment in Sarwar’s thematic Hero trilogy, following Shah (2015). Motorcycle Girl stars Sohai Ali Abro as Zenith Irfan.

Motorcycle Girl 2

He travels to northern areas of Pakistan on a motorbike to achieve her father’s wish, facing countless challenges along the way, with Sarmad Khoosat, Samina Peerzada, Ali Kazimi, and Shamim Hilaly also playing supporting roles.
Motorcycle Girl was released on 20 April 2018 nationwide.


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Motorcycle Girl Full Movie Download


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