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Nanu Ki Jaanu

Nanu Ki Jaanu 1

Directed by: Jauzi Javed
Produced by: PVR Pictures
Sajid Qureshi
Written by: Manu Rishi
Starring: Abhay Deol
Manu Rishi
Music by: Original Songs
Jeet Gannguli
Gunwant Sen
Bubli Huque-Meera
Sachin Gupta
Original Score
Dhruv Dhalla
Cinematography: S. R Sathish Kumar
Edited by: Manan Ajay Sagar
Production: Inbox Pictures
Distributed by: PVR Pictures
Release date: 20 April 2018
Running time: 133 minutes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Horror


Nanu Ki Jaanu is an 2018 Indian Hindi-language horror And comedy film directed by Faraz Haider, starring Abhay Deol @ Patralekha. The first expression poster was lanced on 23 March 2018 followed by its theatrical trailer on 26 March 2018. Nanu Ki Jaanu was published on 20 April 2018. Nanu Ki Jaanu is a remake of 2014 Tamil film Pisaasu.

Nanu Ki Jaanu 2

Anand is a land mafia operator in Delhi, who with his group of 4 others scares business owners @ acquires their apartments illegally. While on his way to get another deal, he stands to see a chance, and a girl Siddhi lying on the street with a pile of blood. Nanu views her alive @ rushes her to the clinic, but she goes. Nanu get very confused as he saw her hanging in front of him. He is not ready to focus on anything or can make significant deals.


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Nanu Ki Jaanu Movie In HD Download

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