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Directed by: Azfar Jafri
Produced by: Imran Kazmi
Harem Farooq
Arif Lakhani
Written by: Shafqat Khan
Starring: Harem Farooq
Ali Rehman Khan
Shafqat Cheema
Ahmed Ali Akbar
Shafqat Khan
Usman Mukhtar
Faizan Shaikh
Music by: Sahara
Manj Musik
Nindy Kaur
Ahmed Ali
Cinematography: Usman Mukhtar
Edited by: Mitesh Soni
Production: IRK Films
Distributed by: ARY Films
Release date: 5 January 2018 (Pakistan)
Running time: 137 min
Country: Pakistan
Language: Urdu


Parchi Pakistani comedy crime movie, which is directed Azfar Jafri @ produced KazmiImran and Arif Lakhani under the IRK Films production banner. The movie stars Ali Rehman Khan, harem Farooq and Shafqat Cheema in lead roles, Faiza Saleem, Along with Ahmed Ali Akbar,

Parchi 3Shafqat Khan and Usman Mukhtar in supporting parts. Shafqat Khan also composed film while Usman Mukhtar managed the cinematography role, And harem Farooq further produced the film. The movie was distributed by ARY Films on 5 January 2018.

Parchi 2
Some of the filmings for the film did do in Islamabad in the outskirts of the capital. A nighttime scene was shot in an old establishment of an industrial zone, in very late hours of the night. Usman Mukhtar also plays one of the characters in the film managed the cinematography of the film.

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