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Rang Panjab

Rang Panjab 1

Produced by: Mandeep Singh and Raj Kundra
Directed By: Rakesh Mehta
Associate Producer: Jerry Brar
DOP: Stephan Bookas
Written By: Gurpreet Bhullar
Music: Gurmeet Singh, Gurmoh, Music Empire
Editor: Hardil Singh
Action: Tinu Verma


Rang Panjab It’s a story about a person who stands against the wrong things he is seeing happening around him like politics, administration difficulties, drugs, crime, etc. Rang Punjab is produced by Shilpa Shetty’s hubby, Raj Kundra, who is doing his first film as a producer.Rang Panjab Bathinda Wale Bai making house is the co-producer of this movie.

Rang Panjab 2


Rang Panjab Not only this but Raj Kundra is also producing one more movie in Punjabi cinema industry which is named as ‘Nanak’ @ is also directed by Rakesh Mehta. Jassie Gill does the leading character in Nanak along with Japji Khaira as starting actress.


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Rang Panjab Full Movie Download


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