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rangeela raja 2018

Directed by Sikander Bharti
Produced by Pahlaj Nihalani
Written by Raj Verma & Khalid Azmi
Screenplay by Pahlaj Nihalani
Starring Govinda
Mishika Chourasia
Anupama Agnihotri
Digangana Suryavanshi
Music by Songs:
Ishwar Kumar
Score: Amar Mohile
Cinematography Siba Mishra
Chiragdeep International
Distributed by Chiragdeep International
Release date 18 January 2019
Running time 162 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi


Rangeela Raja Full HD Movie Download

rangeela raja castRangeela Raja review is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Sikander Bharti and written & produced by Pahlaj Nihalani. Starring Govinda, Mishika chaurasia & Anupama Agnihotri, the film was-released on January 18, 2019. Rangeela Raja cast stars the legendary, Oscar-winning, Filmfare Award-winning, IIFA Award-winning actor, Writer, director, Producer Govinda in a double role, with newcomers (who will definitely go unnoticed behind a smashing & overpowering Performance by Govinda) Mishika Chourasia & Anupama Agnihotri in Additional Leadership roles. Set in a fictional village in Rajasthan called Ghachiboli Nagar, it is the coming of age story of twin Maharana brothers, Vijay and Ajay. rangeela raja full movie downloadTheir childhood passes in extraordinary Circumstances, Rangeela Raja 2018 When their father, the Maharana of his kingdom, Maharana Patvardhan, Called Phattu Ranveer Singh with love by his family Members, dies in battle with Manikarnika Kangana Ranaut or the Queen of Jhansi. Manikarnika gets angry after Maharana Patvardhan Eats all her food, & in anger, she Slaps him & asks him to return her food. When he Starts crying Because his kingdom hasn’t had Enough food for many Years due to lack of rain, She Tells him to fight her in battle otherwise she will invade all his Villagers’ Farms to pay for all the food he ate. For the sake of the Villagers, Phattu Gives up his life fighting for every last Grain of food. As he Breathes his last, his twin sons, Ajay & Vijay-Govinda, come into the world. Manikarnika also leaves the kingdom-scared because she has Previously Seen Karan Arjun & does not want rangeela raja full movie download to have the same fate as Durjan Singh. Also, she gets New that Maharaja Akbar Hrithik Roshan is in the neighbouring kingdom, and since she hates him because he betrayed her lover in the past, she takes-off to battle him & eats his food-instead.rangeela raja review

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