Rocky Mental Full Movie Download HD Free

Rocky Mental Full HD Movie Download

Rocky Mental Full HD Movie Download

Directed by: Vikram Thori
Screenplay by: Uday Pratap Singh
Written by: Vikram Thori, Sanjay Saini
Produced by: Vijay Saini, Vimal Chopra
Starring: Paresh Verma, Mahabir Bullard, Tannu Kaur Gill, Dheeraj Kumar, Jagjeet Sandhu, Akash King, Kanika Mann, Jagjit Singh Bajwa, Karanveer Khullar, Jagjit Singh, Darshan Aulakh
Production: Dhamrait Film Production
Music by: Desi Crew
Release date:19 August 2017
Country: India, Canada, Australia
Language: Punjabi


Rajdeep Singh Dhaliwal aka (Rocky Mental) is a state level fighting champion providing for Commonwealth Games, that are to be taken in Australia, forward with his best friend/brother in arms Preet. Though Rocky is only collected towards Commonwealth Games though one day he gets himself in a fight with Maninder Shergill, brother of a Punjab Cabinet Minister when Rocky tells to Maninder’s girl Ibadat which crosses Maninder and next led to Rocky hitting down Maninder in one stroke. With the passage of time, Rocky and Ibadat gets closer to each another and fall in love doing Maninder jealous thus he plans a dangerous trap for Rocky which involves Preet committing self-destruction & Ibadat filing a case next Rocky (due to a small scuffle between 2 Rocky punches Ibadat.


Rocky Mental Full HD Movie

Rocky Mental Full HD
Maninder supports Ibadat to register a proceeding of attack which Maninder turns into a rape case after using his power unknown to Ibadat). Meanwhile split due to Preet’s self-destruction an effort to murder is made on Rocky by a different athlete and Maninder’s henchman. In the hospital, his coach tells Rocky of all the fights & Rocky being incarcerated for rape. Meanwhile, things get untimely between Maninder and Ibadat when Ibadat takes to know the truth, but Maninder ends her to take any step further in favor of Rocky.

Rocky Mental

In jail, Maninder meets Rocky and smiles at him making Rocky angry & busting out of jail during a court trial. He severely attacks Maninder’s henchman and athlete who says, Rocky, the fact that Preet did not commit death but was murdered on Maninder’s orders and so Rocky kills the henchman and athlete in the same way his best friend stopped. When Rocky and Maninder meet face to face, Rocky knocks down Maninder’s henchmen & later burns Maninder living. To revenge his brother’s death, Maninder’s brother the Minister captures Ibadat, but she is then released when Rocky reaches on the spot, hitting the Minister but killed by the minister’s henchman. Unknown to Rocky’s coach and Ibadat Rocky is still alive living in a different country.

Rocky Mental Full

Rocky Mentall Movie Download


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