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Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle

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Directed by: Vinod Tiwari
Produced by: Raj Nostrum
Haresh Kumar Nor
Vinod Tiwari
Starring: Krushna Abhishek
Rajneesh Duggal
Deepshikha Nagpal
Mukul Dev
Sunil Pal
Nazia Hussain
Music by: Anamik Chauhan
Vijay Verma
Cinematography: Navneet Beohar
Edited by: Sanjay Sankla
Production: Nostrum Entertainment
Distributed by: Zee Music Company
Release date: 13 July 2018
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Genres: Comedy


Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle is A 2018 Indian Hindi-language comedy Movie directed @ co-produced by Vinod Tiwari. together produced by Raj Nostrum,Haresh Kumar Nor and Tiwari, Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle stars Krushna Abhishek, Rajneesh Duggal, Mukul Dev, Deepshikha Nagpal, Sunil Pal @ Nazia Hussain.

Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle 2


The official trailer was Published on 4 June, 2018 @ the film was Published theatrically on 13 July, 2018. Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle was earlier titled Love in Goa, but was later replaced after Abhishek’s suggestion to the director, who was Motivated by the title of the television serial Woh Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle.

Director Vinod Tiwari Told that he was inspired by the current situation of the Industry @ decided to make a Movie on it: “I was working on a project in past when I saw some people approaching actress again @ again for coffee or a drink when clearly she wasn’t interested but people didn’t give up. So I considered of making a satire on the topic.



Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle Download

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