The Window Bollywood Movie Free Download

The Window 2018 Full Movie Download

The Window Bollywood Movie Free Download

Director: V.K. Choudhary
Writer: V.K. Choudhary
Stars: Atul Hanwat, Praveen Maheswari, Sayoni Mishra
Genres: Drama, Mystery
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 2018
Runtime: 118 min

The Window Bollywood Movie Download

The Window is a drama Mystery about an artist’s struggle among staying true to his art and giving in to the cold reality of life. A talented yet deeply troubled screenplay writer Lekh Kapoor wants to cut free from the shackles of traditional storytelling but ends up taking up the job of rewriting the script of a Tamil blockbuster. Lekh works with his own demons of angst, arrogance, selfishness, and denial, while not being ready to compromise with the art that cinema is. His life takes a U-turn when a magical girl becomes the victim of his passion.┬áthe window full movie online

The Window Movie Free Download

The Window Full Movie Download

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